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good show m' man!

dont worry marc.... anyone who doesnt like this is a semi-retarded mongoloid crack-baby... you are an utter genoius.... there is no doubt about that

why do people hate this?

dont let people discourage...... like you just said in your frontpage post, the people who say your stuff is shit.... have NO clue how hard making ANY flash is
I personally think the game is great... but im a gimp and cant beat the third level...... still good


but of all things... why a scooter?


the game is really fun and funny, and i know it will be beter when sound is added
get those lazy bastards at godfart to put this on the page

Did you say you made this is week?

Did you say you made this is week? Because if you did, I hate you.
great game, i like the paper fish thing

I FOUND IT! 5 out of 5!

While in the game, press 6 to go to PONG, then press 6 again, and its a crappy little suprise! The Pong background becomes a Squigly Fish Like Background! Hooray for me!


Okay.... was that a joke.... or what?
Because monopoly sucks pretty hard
and you'd think you might make a good game, if your gonna spend all that time....

TWS responds:

We have been reading the last few reviews on the "coming soon to Newgrounds" preview and have realized that people are getting the wrong idea. This version of Monopoly is nothing like the version made by Hasbro and was designed to be a 90% strategy based game and Is also highly addictive and a lot of fun. We ask that anyone reviewing this game to not assume anything without trying it.

Sincerely, Time Walkers

Amazing...deserves more respect

Why is this amazing game stuck at the mid-top 50 of the portal, why something like Diplomacy with one shitty punchine has been at 1 for months.
good fuckin work!

Amazing... deserves way more credit!

Why is this amazing game which obviously took a lot of time to work on stuck near the mid-top 50, why'll something like Diplomacy, with one shitty punch line is at number 1, and has been for months?
The graphics and sound were pretty good, but everything else was amazing!
Good fuckin work!

Pretty damn Awsome!

This was a really awsome game! I think for later versions you should have more moves in general, and more common moves. You should also have a metre thing that says what degree your at, so you know when you can do the moves.
AWSOME game tho!

EntropicOrder responds:

Well, I'm actually thinking about just making a game called Hi-Q Street Skater instead of updating this one.


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